Applicable products: Campaigns Maximizer Sales Dashboard GA Visualizer Complete Suite

You can create a search board directly from the search results page or from the common Searchboards page. To create one from the results page follow these steps.

  • Run a search from the search box on the top of the screen.
  • On the results page you will see a button "Save Search". Click on it.
  • Name your board and choose your desired privacy setting and click on the Create button when you are done.
  • There you go! you now have a search board. We'll dynamically keep adding to the board if there are any new matches to your search.

To create one from the Searchboards page follow these steps.

  • Once you have navigated over to the Seachboards page, you will notice a "Create Searchboard" button, click on it

  • Type in a search query, choose your desired privacy level and then click  on "Create"